Unemployedprofessors.com Review

We heard much about Unemployedprofessors.com, largely because they were the first to utilize extensive storytelling to raise brand awareness. Indeed, their site is pretty uncommon and greets visitors with a story of an unemployed professor who had to pay rent and came up with an idea of an essay writing service.

The idea may look rather dope, but we certainly have an issue with the way Unemployedprofessors.com presents it to people. By way of example, one icon revealing that the alleged meeting of the"jobless professor" features a person having a bottle of liquor, smoking a cigarette. Another example was a fill out form comprised two glasses of beer which were put together with the pencil, prompting the viewer to choose between composing and drinking alcohol.

Writing Services Offered

Unemployedprofessors.com asserts that their writers can write nearly anything"as long as it is legal." To provide you with some specifics, we've found a few menu segments specializing in research papers, essays, and dissertations. The list of different services that we've managed to find for this Unemployedprofessors.com review comprised programming assignment writing, resume writing, multiple-choice questions, statistics project writing, and editing.

Prices and Discounts

The information regarding pricing is quite restricted at Unemployedprofessors.com. At firstwe thought that the website could use a pricing table so the visitors had the concept about what to expect, but then we found they had a bidding strategy. So, to get"professors" to have a look at your newspaper, you need to register, submit the details, and wait for bids.

All bids vary between $10 and $35 per webpage, as we afterwards found out.

We purchased a 3-page nursing newspaper and it was pretty bad due to a couple factors. First of all, it wasn't written by a"professor" When we filed our newspaper, we have got a bunch of supplies ranging between $4 and $12 per page. There is simply no way all of these were actual professors or at least university graduates out of English-speaking because of the low costs as well as the errors in the messages they delivered to us.

We strongly suspect that Unemployedprofessors.com follows a frequent scheme: employ freelancers from all around the world and market them as professional authors with degrees from English-speaking nations.

Evidence? Our paper had seven grammar and spelling mistakes, poor logical flow of ideas, and a weak thesis statement. On top of that, even though we desired university-level composing, the newspaper was composed in ridiculously simple English that reminded us at a middle college essay we recently read.

Customer Support

We can not state that the customer support at Unemployed Professors is awful, but it is bad, either. We had to wait almost an hour for a person to respond to us via something that seemed like a live chat option. The same occurred with the email, too.

On the flip side, the support members were helpful when they were accessible.


Therefore, to conclude this Unemployedprofessors.com review, we can confidently state that we do not advise this essay writing service to anybody. Not only a lot of their writers are not exactly professors, but candidates from all around the scene. Judging from the mistakes made in our newspaper, it was definitely completed by a non-native English speaker.

Though the bidding system looks like a good idea, it does not do a good job in Unemployed Professors since most of the bids come in new authors with no evaluation and proven experience. That's why the costs we encountered were quite cheap, but they include a danger of being handed a poor quality paper (which was exactly was occurred to us).

So, to cut a long story short, Unemployedprofessors.com was not a trusted essay writing service but another location with a whole lot of freelancers. Buying papers from them involves a fantastic deal of danger because of the reasons we have mentioned above.